Full Spectrum – This type of oil extracted from Industrial Hemp and specifically leaves all properties and compounds intact. Additional properties such as Flavonoids, Terpenes, Minerals, Phyto-Cannabanoids, and many other healthy nutrients are left in the product. This creates a powerful phenomena know as the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effect

Full Spectrum CBD requires more time, effort, and expertise to properly extract while also preserving the integrity of the Hemp plant. This can be a difficult process to learn and is a true ‘art form’ when done correctly. A true replicate of Full Spectrum cannot be easily manufactured.


This compound is extracted and cooled until it forms crystals. These crystals is caused by allowing the molecular compounds exist within this Isolate. Opinion: The CBD industry is flooded with Isolate products due to the apparent “ease” of creation.


Full Spectrum products have a natural, earthy taste that many people love. This is caused by allowing the oil to function as intended, with all Terpenes available.

Isolate products, having been stripped of all natural compounds, have to add back flavor to the oil due to the non-existent taste. Many of these products end up tasting somewhat artificial due to this process.


Full Spectrum, which possesses the true power of the plant, have immense health benefits that have only just begun to be researched and studied. One of the great compounds in CBD Oil known as THC. Though they are psychoactive, only a small percentage is needed to kick start the full healing strength of CBD.

Isolate CBD, due to it’s being only CBD, suffers greatly from the lack of backup compounds and is weaker in the long term with no ability to improve upon itself.

Studies show that over time. Full Spectrum CBD will continue to be effective while Isolate products suffer diminishing returns. CBD Isolate will only be as effective as its potency, whereas Full Spectrum CBD improves its efficacy as the amount consumed increases.

3rd Party Lab Testing

Due to FDA not standardizing CBD, all companies must take it upon themselves to tell the truth concerning their products. Many of them simply do not do this. Please verify testing with any CBD company who claims to offer, CBD. You will be get a product that will produce the best results.